As time greets me, in ‘old age’ and the “disability”, the world of business has propagated enough ‘villains’ that those that try to adhere to BEING HUMAN(E)  are constantly pummeled during the task of employment. Without ‘outing’ the vermin I’ll just post the reason… “they” cannot accept a person that HAS a mental “affliction” that makes said person VERY GOOD at the Job’s description AND COMPLETENESS.

The entity makes for little bullies being able to falsify how well the contracted task is done, therefore keeping the money while providing “little” “service. ENOUGH of my loading their charges against me.


there’s NOW a barrier

around MY Life

“THEY” cannot enter

“THEY” will NOT touch

What does get close

will NOT have taints

No agenda for a greed

sans an ugly Angel’s indulgences

It took some time

to build this space

hurts hastened refining materials

“THEY” forgot ‘WRONG’S’ YANG

Though yet unfamiliar


deep breathings replaces GASPS

Warmth replaces anger’s heat





gave me a PROTECTED  Place to LIVE…

So, WHY do I keep following ‘that’ “music”

that ‘they’re’ dancing to…



Christian Bale as MOSES(!?!), ” Christian Bale’s low-pitched Dark Knight voice growl is back.” ‘GOD’ had AARON, Moses’ Brother, speak FOR HIM because of a SPEECH impediment! The licensing / REMOVAL of the BACKGROUND of these HISTORICAL PEOPLE goes against all aspects of the “REASON” these events took place. As a “timing” factor of PLACE, TIME and PARTICIPANTS is SEVERELY SKEWED, “IS” there ANY “WONDER” why so many ARE taking offense of what “SOME” say “THEIR PLACE” of IMPORTANCE HERE is?

 Othello by Olivier

let’s say that “poetic” license
obsequious fail
the simple look
around you
wrong’s history
mounting rails
who’ll side with
that AREN’T
the “likeness” close
of ancient quotes
and families
this chapter
how can the
vast neglection
of those that LOOK
have denied THEIR “SEASON”


It IS a “FAMILY” Affair…


Isaac and Ishmael… Sarah and Hagar…

THOUSANDS of YEARS (!!!) and, the RIFE of a GENE set INTO TWO “very” different “POOLS” is STILL causing a “TSUNAMI” OVER MAN-“KIND”.
The song, by Sylvester Stewart has proven to be a lyrical prophesy in its “explanation” of the events of ‘today’, that “may” be repetitions of the UNTOLD events during the times after ISRAEL sent Hagar and, HIS (requested) SEED away to fend for themselves.
I, as “the observer”, can ONLY watch these things happen. I WILL NOT become a participant of the “struggle”. What I CAN do is pray that the UGLINESS of “same” attempting to rid ITS ‘WORLD’ of part of itself to QUICKLY arrive at a place where it STOPS to look at what it has done to the “MORE THAN SELF”.

The “World” is about to…

the ‘accuser’ LAUGHS
at the welts and
tooth marks
rendered across
how could he
have known that
one simple gesture
would grow
to the FAILURE
of the ‘gifted’
when ‘he’ “BECAME”
how is it that
“the most beautiful”
was so JEALOUS
that they would orchestrate
this that IS “THE WORLD”

is the theft of young Women
and their ‘intimate’ violation(s)
the basic ‘first script’
of “Eve’s” meeting
being “sequeled” today
then those that profess
A “faith”
and do the same
believe WRONGLY
if ‘ISHMAEL’ is too angry
to see ISAAC
with the same eyes
as their FATHER’S
genealogists are false
as I sit pondering
these PAINS
around me
upon me
the question IS
to pray:
with heart
with mind

The day began earlier than anticipated. TWO HOURS before the alarm from the only day off. Everything began earlier than usual, upon arriving at the  site I WAS going to gleefully masticate some “DAH-LAH” feaux “angry bovine” dollops from the “clown’s” roadside “rancidarium”. ( It’s not often that I’ll risk a “trot”, or two.)

As I got out of the “transpo” this, ( see below.), made me grab the pen from my shirt. I’m glad that it did because the idyll was ambushed because of my placid nature… opposed to the “git-er-done” revving I usually have. The “cause” is another story. The effect, ( via my having O.C.P.D.. ), is that I’m saving some corporate keister and there are a few that don’t want “effective” when more money can be “wrung”.



Verbatim Not

of Proverbs

Though gists

abound for sure


from an EON

their failures

deemed deplored


“The Teacher”

lived a TRIPTYCH

three sides

of any life

Sphinx riddled

for your passport

you don’t get


* not “lessons”.


Getting “OLD” is…


The pain

tells one of

many things

The where

The When


past childhood

no easement

“Kiss” can bring


not so my friend

sometimes you WANT to cry

But time gives age

patinas’ counts

each stage

of gains to loss

each creak and wrinkle

PAID your wage

and signed each mile-mark crossed


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the deportment of aging

the decantment of aging

the decampment of aging

the despotment of aging